Symbolic Meaning of Numbers of the Rose Flower

The symbolism of the flower is one of the oldest and most profound in all of humanity. It symbolizes beauty, perfection, love, glory, and joy, but also surrenders to God, spiritual evolution, and the soul itself. The flower is also a feminine symbol, linked to the water element, the planet Moon and, consequently, to creation, fertility, and birth. Regardless of the meaning of each flower, flowers in general and in essence are a passive and receptive symbol, often in the form of a cup that collects dew and rain, like manna from heaven. 

Thus, the rose flowers stand out as the most used flowers in recent days, with its colors no longer count as a means of specification, rather, the number of roses in each bouquet. Therefore, if you are thinking of sending a bouquet of roses, or perhaps you hope to receive it, it is important to know what each number(s) of a bouquet of roses symbolizes so you can get it right. Knowing this depends on the number of roses you include. Thus, you will learn all the symbols and meanings – from 1 to 100 – in this article so that you know how many roses you should give according to the occasion and the message you want to send. Honestly, numbers count too.

What Is the True Meaning of Rose Flower?

The rose flower referred to as a symbol of perfection, is one of the best-known flowers in the world. It stands out as the most symbolic flower ever, especially in Western culture. Its beauty, together with the delicacy of its petals, enchants, and thrills. Even though the meaning of red, white, yellow roses, among others, varies a lot, they all convey good feelings and much affection. 

Due to their beauty and intensity, the meaning of red roses, which is the most popular of this species, is directly linked to love. There is no doubt that they are present in the most loving relationships, as they show passion and a lot of romanticism, something that makes them perfect for the declarations of “I love you”.


What Does Number(s) Of Roses In A Bouquet Mean?

1 Rose: If you are given a single rose on a first romantic date, it means that there was love at first sight. On the other hand, if it is given to you on a wedding or boyfriend anniversary, it means that your relationship is still full of love.


2 Roses: Giving two roses in a bouquet symbolizes the love that a partner has and the concern and care that they give each other.


3 Roses: It is common to receive three roses when you have been in a relationship with your partner for a month or a year. It is ideally used to celebrate that your relationship continues.


4 Roses: Giving four roses is the perfect way to say nothing will “come between us.”


5 Roses: This is the best way to say “I love you” without the need for words.


6 Roses: If your first love gives you a bouquet of six roses, this means unbridled passion and infatuation.


8 Roses: This number of roses is given to give thanks for the love and support that a special person gives us.


9 Roses: Have you received a bouquet with nine roses from your partner before? Then he thinks that you will be together forever.


10 Roses: Giving a bouquet with ten roses express a perfect love, that is, a love of ten.


11 Roses: When you are given a bouquet of eleven roses, it means “you are my treasured one.”


12 Roses: A perfect bouquet to give on Valentine’s Day. If you receive it, the person who sends it is asking you if you will be their love forever.


13 Roses: The best gift for a good friend is a bouquet with thirteen roses. These will symbolize that your friendship will be eternal.


14 Roses: If you are proud of someone, fourteen roses is a perfect number to show that.


15 Roses: To show regret or apologize to someone, the best option is to send a bouquet of fifteen roses at home. It is ideal for reconciliation.


20 Roses: This number symbolizes sincerity in love feelings. That is, if you have doubts about your relationship and he gives you 20 roses, it is sure that his love is true.

21 Roses: This number of roses in a bouquet represents the devotion and admiration you feel for someone.


22 Roses: This number of roses symbolizes two meanings – togetherness and luck.


24 Roses: If someone sends you a bouquet of twenty-four roses, they are promising you, unconditional love.


25 Roses: This number in a bouquet symbolizes exceptional love, although it is also the perfect number of roses to congratulate someone you love on a special occasion.


36 Roses: when someone sends you a bouquet with thirty-six roses they want to tell you that they are completely in love with you, their love for you has no end.


40 Roses: The numbers mean that your love is genuine and that your relationship pure, true.


41 Roses: they are a symbol of the affection with which we take care of the people we love the most.


50 Roses: This number of roses expresses love without limits, which will overcome all adversities and obstacles. It is a perfect bouquet to give on a wedding anniversary.


51 Roses: If you only have one person on your mind, choosing a bouquet of fifty-one roses will make a perfect gift.


77 Roses: This number of roses signifies faith in your partner and that you believe the person you are gifting is your soul mate.


100 Roses: This number of roses represents a complete surrender to a love, which will last a lifetime.

How Do I Send My Bouquet Of Roses Flower?

Now that you already know what the bouquets of roses mean according to the number of flowers included. It is time to send the most special messages without the need for words. Therefore, you can do this in many ways; to make it easier, you can use a necklace with flower pendants like the SKYKreation’s Flower Charm Black Leather Choker Necklace. You can also do it online or even from your mobile. In just a few minutes, your message will be on your way to surprising that special someone.


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