Scientific Benefits of Listening To Music

Listening to music is not just entertainment or a measure to calm and relax – it can bring several health benefits, such as pain relief, memory improvement, and even a stimulus for physical activity. Music has also been used by doctors and therapists as a treatment.

Besides physical activity, music can help pack the exercise and make it easier and more pleasurable. It is an important stimulus for those who exercise because it disguises the feeling of fatigue, pain, and tiredness and, instead, brings a good feeling of joy and motivation, making the person more comfortable.

Also, music works as a remedy for several problems, as it activates the brain’s pleasure center, as does sex and chocolate, for example. It releases dopamine and causes a feeling of well-being and, therefore, it has been used by doctors, therapists, and physical preparations as a treatment for various problems – and it has brought great results, even in the past. The same goes for music to sleep or wake up. More severe and slower sounds, for example, help a person to disconnect from worries and are proven to facilitate sleep and fight insomnia, especially when some devices like the SKYKreation’s 4-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser that incorporates both sweet music and aroma are used for the music. On the other hand, lively, energetic, and accelerated sounds are also good during the morning to help wake up.

Some scientific benefits of listening to music include:

Music relieves anxiety: Some study reveals that listening to music is capable of reducing stress physiologically and even decrease symptoms of depression. Researchers in the UK claim that certain songs are can reduce anxiety by 65%. In other words, music can be a medicine for the mind.

It Promotes Good Mood: Happy music can make you feel like you are walking in the sunshine. Research shows that music can lift our spirits and make us happier. In this sense, listening to music has been shown to help increase our self-esteem and self-confidence, in addition to reducing feelings of fatigue and making us feel more active and vital.

It Helps To Heal Our Emotional Pains: Science shows that music can help heal our emotional pains. It also suggests that sad music can induce positive emotions. When people listen to melancholic songs, they feel more empathy, because they identify with the sadness expressed by the artist, but they did not experience the real-life implications of the sad event he sings about. This, in turn, can have a cathartic effect, according to experts. 

According to research also, listening to music serves as a distraction and causes the body to release endorphins that act as natural pain relievers and help counteract pain. Besides, slow-paced music helps decrease breathing and heart rate and prevents feelings of distress.

Music Can Motivate Us During Work Out: A song full of pique can be the secret to motivate us to work out with strength. Studies suggest that music can reinforce your workout, as well as helping you run faster and raise your stamina. As said earlier, music serves as an important stimulus for those who exercise because it disguises the feeling of fatigue, pain, and tiredness and, instead, brings a good feeling of joy and motivation, making the person more comfortable.

Music can improve our sleep: Some studies identify that listening to classical music can help to relieve insomnia symptoms in college students. Other research also suggests that music can immerse us in a meditative mood. That is, a more than a pleasant way to help us sleep better. 

Apart from research findings, most of us do this so often; lying down in bed, turning off the lights, and plunging into that other perfect, relaxing, and warm musical dimension where harmony and balance live. Listening to relaxing music with SKYKreation’s 4-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser at night can greatly promote rest, helps us to let go of worries and reduce the noise of those exhausting thoughts that usually feed anxiety. Thus, improve our sleep at all moments. 

Music enhances our performance: Do you need to face a big project? Listen to some music. Studies reveal that background music is capable of raising people’s cognitive performance when performing tasks such as academic tasks (but this may depend on whether that music first raises their mood). Research also suggests that lively music helps us perform well under pressure.

Improves brain function: Our brain is passionate about music. It is known, for example, that the fact of playing a musical instrument from a very young age enhances brain development, and even improves mathematical performance. Relaxing music is almost like a vitamin for our neurons, it immerses us in a mental state conducive to improving our reasoning and enhancing Spatio-temporal abilities.

Music Improves Our Concentration: The sound of rain rattling on a window, a flowing river, the tireless whisper of the ocean hitting a reef, the chirping of birds, the song of a whale, the sounds of nature have a cathartic power in our body. It is like a return to our origins, a way of escape, a channel that centers us and liberates us at the same time.

Research shows that relaxing music, where natural sounds and animal sounds are included, improves the concentration and performance of children with ADHD (attention disorder with or without hyperactivity).

It Helps For Meditation: Learning to meditate is not easy, especially if we tend to live a fast and intense pace of life. Sometimes when we try to promote that state of relaxation with which to start our meditation session, it does not always work, we do not always reach that calm state that our mind and body long for.

One way to do this is by listening to relaxing music. Just find a suitable space, comfortable clothes, use a music player (if possible, in combination with aromatherapy using diffusers with Bluetooth player), and then let yourself go deep into meditation.


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