SKYKreation Multifunctional Laptop Desk with Table Desk-Side Clip


❖ MULTIFUNCTIONAL : This sturdy Laptop Desk is designed to prove a multi-purpose workstation with extra space for your drinks and more. It is adjustable up to 4 levels of adjustable angles (0°- 30° degree) to suit your different needs. It is versatile, ergonomic, adjustable, yet sturdy and fits a 17″ Laptop and less. You can also use the drinking cup holder clips for desks, shelves, airplane seats, tabletops, bedside tables, hospital tables, cybercafé desks, etc.

❖ HIGHLY DURABLE MATERIAL : This heavy-duty and strong grip clamps attached to complement your laptop desk is made of premium ABS material, which does not easily break or crack, and it is strong enough to carry items up to 1500g (50oz): highly durable and robust. The laptop desk is made of premium quality environmentally-friendly engineered wood with sturdy ABS aluminum legs designed to offer optimum durability and robustness, enough to carry weights up to 40Kg without shaking.

❖ FREES UP DESK SPACE : The heavy-duty drink holder clip with strong grip spring will clamps tightly to the desk side, saving your desk space for the laptop and other important documents. It provides a smart way to have your hot coffee, cold drink, stationery, mobile phone, USB, etc. contained within your disposal without occupying any space. While the foldable, portable, lightweight (weighs only 3.6 Lbs) and compact laptop desk can be smartly folded flat for easy storage.

❖ EASY TO USE : Both the Drinking Cup Holder Clip and Multifunctional Laptop Desk can easily be used by anyone: requires no skill to be fully assembled or tightly attached securely to table or desks up to 5cm thick. Two auto-lock buttons on each side of the Multifunctional Laptop Desk enable quick changes in height without stress. The legs are also adjustable in 5 different heights and you can as well set the surface in 4 different angles from 0-30° to achieve your desired posture.

❖ PORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC: This laptop desk is ergonomically designed to provide a comfy workstation while lying in your bed, lounging on a sofa, sitting on a chair, or standing behind your laptop, hence, improve productivity, eliminate eye or neck strain and prevent hunching over your screen. The drinking cup holder clip is simple, compact, and light enough to be carried anywhere. Both devices are portable, simply designed, lightweight, and handy

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