4-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 200ml + BONUS


♬ AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER : Thanks to ultrasonic vibrations, the electric fragrance lamp transforms water into steam just like the smooth vapor around a waterfall gives out ultra-fine and smooth mist that refreshes the air and increases the humidity in the room, counterbalancing dry heating air, soften and moisten the dry and chapped skin, reduce radiation, relieve fatigue and create a warm atmosphere. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to enjoy wonderful aromas throughout your home.

♬ BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH MUSIC PLAYER : The Aroma Diffuser has built-in Bluetooth speaker, which you can connect to your smartphone, and thus relax to your favorite Podcast or music. It is 10 meters barrier-free transmission, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices.

♬ 7 COLORS LED LIGHT : this diffuser have 7 color LED Light, Each color is adjustable between bright and dim. you could set in cycling color, fix in one color, or turn light off only using the mist function.

♬ AUTO SHUT OFF: The capacity is 200ml, this can last for 5-7 hours. The diffuser will automatically shut off for safety when water level is too low.

♬ BONUS WITH PURCHASE : For a limited-time offer, receive 2 bottles x 10ml Aromatherapy Naturals 100% Pure Essentials oil with the purchase of selected Aromatherapy Diffuser from SKYKreation. ( while Suppllies Last )

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