How to Organize an Office Desk for Maximum Efficiency?

Is your office desk the biggest mess of the century? From coffee cups, cookies, medicine packaging to can containers, etc., there is a little bit of everything. And, of course, so much mess can hurt productivity. To get it right with your office desk for maximum productivity, we suggest some ideas on how to organize an office desk efficiently and have everything at hand without your table becoming a jumble of things that could lead to loss of data, as it usually happens to many.

When organizing a desk, we need to, first of all, check what furniture we have, as having the right furniture is essential to be able to organize our desk correctly. For this, the most common pieces of furniture are drawers, cabinets, filing cabinets, clips like drinking cup holder clips as well as other office accessories. Using a drinking cup or mug clip is essential to help you take absolute control of your cups or mug, which would no doubt, help to protect your data, papers, computer keyboard, or desk from drink splash.

Organizing an Office Desk from Scratch

It is best to start your workdays with a clean and well-organized table, to know exactly what space we have and how it will be more useful to the daily activities. So let’s get to work. 

First, empty your table leaving only the heaviest items that already have a fixed place assigned to it: as a computer, printer, telephone, etc. The next thing you have to do is ensure that these items are placed in the best possible positions so that you can have enough space to work comfortably.

It will also be a good thing for you to have some useful items close by. In this case, the most used items should be in the part where it is easier for you to get them; on the right, if you are right-handed or on the left if you are left-handed or on both sides.

To get this the right way;

  • Use clips like drinking cup holder clips on your desk, as it can free up space and protect your gadgets, data, and upright carpet tops from spills. This can hold your tea mugs, bottles, cups, flower pot, cold beer, cold drink, phone, and other items you would not like to keep on your table, but needs them beside you. Remember you need to hydrate and some persons would set goals for the amount of water they drink directly in the bottle. Thus, using a drinking cup holder clips will help you take absolute control of your bottle or mug.
  • Speaking of cables, do you have so many USB on your desk that you do not even remember what each one is for? Identify them with adhesive tape plates.

What Can We Throw Away?

Review all the things you have removed from your table and try to be consistent. Things that you have not used in a long time and may not use again, throw them away. Get rid of all the papers, magazines, letters that you do not need at all. If you still think they can be useful at some point, find a place that is not on the table or occupying visual space and put them. Some drawers that you give little use to or a closet in which to store things that you do not use daily – only occasionally – can be very useful. Remember that in this case, the less you have on the table, the better. You only need the items you use daily.


Organize The Items You Need by Hand

Paper, pens, pencils, smartphones, and other office supplies you use every day have to be close at hand and together. So, another way to know how to organize an office desk is by ordering these common items so that you can always have them under control. Each item must have its place and every time you use it you place it back in the same position. That way you will always find it quickly and without having to think about it. Have the necessary equipment and a little more but in moderation. The glasses or organizers for pencils and pens can be very useful and a drawer to store the rest of the material that you use less frequently.

Also, find the best way to organize the folios and papers, if they may not be visible, the better. This is because they always tend to get disorganized. A filing drawer that allows you to keep your pending papers in order would be the best, if not some folder system. Remember that the time you use to organize them would be equivalent to the same time that you will save when looking for them. Blank or recyclable sheets should also have a specific space, for example using a box lid so that they are not continually disordered.


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