Most frequent questions and answers

Shipping Information

If your order is still showing an “Unfulfilled” status, there is a chance we will be able to update your address before your order is shipped! Please email us as soon as possible with the correct address you would like your order to be shipped to. Please be sure to Title your email request as “Address Update” or “Incorrect Address” 

If you are changing your address from a domestic address to an international address, we will need to charge the difference of shipping prices before your order can be shipped.

If your order is already marked as “Fulfilled”, unfortunately, this means that your order has already been shipped to the original location you provided. We would recommend that you call THE SHIPPING COMPANY and provide them with your tracking information so that they can locate your package. If your package has not already been marked as delivered, they should still be able to forward/ reroute your package to the new/corrected address that you provide them.

In order to ensure that we ship all of our customers orders as fast as possible, orders are sent straight to our warehouse to begin processing. Once an order has begun processing, we will not be able to make any modifications to your order or cancel your order.

If you ordered something by mistake, we will be happy to accept any items you wish to return. Please see our return policy here.

On future orders, please be sure to double check all of the items and colors/quantities you have selected for your order, as well as any items you may have forgot to add to your cart! This will help to ensure that your order will be shipped out in a timely manner, full of the items you want!

absolutly no! This is never an ideal situation for any customer and we always try to do our best in assisting our customers to locate their goodies.
Occasionally postal employees will mark a parcel as delivered while the package is still on their truck. On some occasions, the package can even be delivered up to 2 days after the package is marked “delivered” on the tracking website! 
Please also beware that mail thieves do take advantage of any opportunity they can. If you are worried that your package may get stolen, sometimes it is best to have your packages held at the Post Office. This can usually be requested by simply calling your local postal office and providing them with your name and address.
Once your package is marked as delivered by the shipping method, Miss A is no longer held responsible for any lost, stolen, or missing goods.
You may be able to call your local Post Office or ask your specific Postal Carrier where they remember dropping off your package, however there is no guarantee that they will be able to provide you with any information. You may also email our Customer service Team at support@skykreation.com for further guidance/recommendations on the best possible way to help locate your package. Our team will do their best in helping make sure you end up a happy customer!

You can use any of the cards listed below to pay for your order:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • PayPal
  • please if you didn’t see your prefered one here contact us so we provide it to you 

We aim to process returns within 2 working days of receiving them. As long as the returned items meet our refund criteria, your refund will be with you 24-48 hours after your return is processed, depending on your card issuer.

Delivery Information

we are now shipping to Canada and we are expanding so we reach worldwide shipping 

If you are concerned as to the estimated amount of time your order will take to arrive, we have just the answer for you!

Before your order is shipped, it must be processed. We ask that you allow 1-3 business days  for processing. This gives us time to make sure your items are picked and packed with care!

International shipping times vary dramatically depending on what country you are in. Every country handles imported packages and customs differently, so please be aware of these practices before placing your order. The estimated times stated below are not guaranteed. An international package could experience delays for multiple reasons causing a package to be delivered outside of the date range for delivery.

While most of our international customers receive their orders within a couple of weeks, for international shipping, we usually ask that you give the postal service 7-27 business days (not including weekends and holidays) in order for your package to arrive.

All international packages are shipped via the shipping method we will provide it in our website. 

You can track your package here using the tracking number provided to you. Tracking will be limited, but you will have a much better idea of where your package is and be able to determine when your package has cleared customs!1

we are always trying to improve your experience with us and for that we offer from time to time free deliveries please always check your email for new offers and promotions in SKYKreation if you are not a subscriber to us then please sign up for newsletter we ensure you in this time 11/17/2019 we are offering free shipping on all orders over 35$ 

Yes, contact our Customer Services team and they will try to provide you with all the information you require and don’t worry we respond to customers within less than 1 hour