Benefits of Using Resistance Bands for Workout Exercise Discover

Exercising regularly comes with enormous benefits for our body, both mentally and physically. We were able to intensify a workout only with the weight of the body and we have several simple types of equipment that can complement the training at home or even in the gyms. One of these equipment is resistance bands or elastic bands, which provide muscle tension.

Using resistance bands is, no doubt, one of the safest methods to increase strength and even help prevent osteoporosis. It is indicated to have the ability to strengthen all muscle groups, in addition to being used for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Thus, there are a variety of resistance bands, with different lengths and tensions, that provide a counterforce that your muscles must work on, performing the contraction process.

The bands are compact, lightweight and can be used anywhere. Elastic training improves mobility, joint flexibility, and muscle strengthening. They are often used for weight loss and during physical rehabilitation sessions, as they allow the physiotherapist to provide different levels of resistance in a variety of postures and movements that can be modified to meet your specific needs. You can also combine resistance bands with free weight exercises or even some weight machines.

Types of Resistance Bands?

Sit-ups exercise as one of the essential workout activities for many, especially those seeking to tone their abdomens and other parts of the body have countless benefits, some of which are stated below: 

  • It strengthens the abdomen and provides more balance to the trunk, which is essential in preventing spinal injuries. 
  • The strengthened abdominal muscles balance or compensate for lumbar hyperlordosis, in addition to other spine problems – not to mention posture improvement.
  • It helps to keep the internal organs safe and in their proper places because standing up increases intra-abdominal pressure.
  • It improves the respiratory efficiency, the digestive process, and even the evacuation, being able to prevent constipation (of course a balanced diet is also essential).
  • Able to prevent the process of abdominal diastasis in the case of pregnant women.
  • It can prevent the development of hernias.
  • Improves flexibility, better balance, and stability.


Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used in different exercises and therefore work for different muscle groups. From the buttocks and legs, through the arms and abs. Among its main benefits are:

Low Cost: To start training with resistance bands, you do not need anything else, just your motivation. But if you want to intensify a workout by buying equipment, the band is a great option, especially for its low cost. There are some exercise machines like SKYKreation’s Fit ABS Trainer that comes with free resistance bands. 

It Can Work the Whole Body: The resistance bands allow you to train several muscles of the body without the need to change equipment. It is ideal for arm exercises, lower-body exercises, back exercises, chest exercises core, shoulder exercises, exercise for shape, etc.  you can use it to strengthen and firm abdominal core muscles, reduce abdominal fat, improve endurance and physical strength.

Brings Bone Benefits: The more weight-bearing exercises you do, the more bone mass will be built up by osteoblasts and, thus, the thicker, denser, and stronger your bones will become. This can help a lot in preventing fractures or breaks due to a fall and can also help to fight degenerative bone diseases with age.

Safety: Unlike exercises with freeloads, resistance bands are super safe and easy to learn and to use. The most important is concentration and movement control.

While resistance bands allow for portability and freedom of movement, these two benefits can also be potential obstacles. Certain exercises and movements only require you to stay on the band, but for other movements, it may be necessary to place the band on a strong and stable surface at a certain height. It may be difficult to find a suitable stabilization point, depending on your location.

Besides, the ability to provide resistance to almost any movement can be tempting; however, you would run the risk of executing the movement incorrectly if it has not been properly taught. Misalignment can damage muscles, ligaments, and tendons and can cause serious pain.

Everyone Can Use: The resistance bands have many different levels. Some sets include light, medium, and heavy resistance ranges – with up to 8 or 10 different resistance levels. This means that children and the elderly can use the bands with lighter resistance. People with a moderate level of fitness can use the ones with medium resistance, while those who really want a challenge can use the heavy ones.

Variety of Movements: Another benefit you can get from using resistance bands is that they add a good variety to your daily exercise routines. What we are arguing is that your muscles get used to doing the same movements and exercises over and over. When your muscles get used to an exercise, it means they have an easier time doing it, and ultimately this leads to less tension and fewer gains.

However, you can combine your regular exercise routine with some resistance bands to give your muscles a certain variety and thus help them to strengthen. You can switch resistance bands with other pieces of equipment or forms of exercise to get the most out of your exercise routine. They are particularly useful when it comes to strengthening exercises. There are endless benefits of using resistance bands while exercising for strength. You can perform exercises for all major muscle groups, challenge your existing routine: add them to the squat to increase the difficulty. You can also increase your range of motion, flexibility, and muscle endurance with resistance bands.

Cardio: If you combine resistance bands in a circuit training routine, they can make your heart race and your lungs gasp, which is a good thing for the cardio. Having a healthy heart is vital for long life. Besides, the bands help to increase your physical endurance thanks to the cardiovascular benefits they can provide, but also because they strengthen your muscles. If you really want to challenge yourself, try using dumbbells and resistance bands at the same time.

Are Resistance Bands Better Than Free Weights and Weight Machines?

While resistance bands are great, that does not mean you need to avoid free weights and weight training equipment like Fit ABS Trainer, altogether.

The use of resistance bands is complementary equipment for rehabilitation or even a strategy to combine with other training. They help to add a different element to strength training and are great when weights and machines are not available.

You can mimic almost any exercise and work the same muscle groups using resistance bands. Studies show there are great effects of the combination of elastic resistance and free weight on strength and power in athletes. A combination of resistance bands and free weights, for example, shows significantly higher results compared to using only free weights.


What To Consider When Buying Resistance Bands?

When buying your band, see the types of elastic and resistance levels available. To train your lower body, opt for a more resistant band. For the upper part, the indication is a more flexible range. If you are not sure, the green color usually indicates intermediate resistance.


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