Aromatherapy Essential Oil

The art of using aromatherapy aromatic oil for various purposes is gaining popularity in the world today. People are resorting to such natural means of restoring peace and relaxation in their hectic life schedules. Not only that, but the use of aromatherapy also growing in the field of alternative healing. People are using aromatic essential oils for getting rid of those muscle pains and migraines. In today’s stressful and demanding world, aromatherapy is seen as a welcome calming, soothing, and refreshingly scented way of getting the body and mind back in good shape!

Due to the powerful effect of these aromatic essential oils through our sense of smell, they are widely being used as massage oils, bath salts, room fresheners, and even as scented candles! While they should not replace proper medical care, they can be used in conjunction to speed up the healing process.

Aromatherapy provides a perfectly natural and holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The subtle qualities of aromatherapy aromatic oil come out best when subjected to a gradual experience. The treatment with aromatic oils can be administered through massage and bath, where the oil is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Or it can also be given in the form of compresses or as inhalation through essential oil burners, candles, and potpourri. Whatever way they are used, these essential oils distilled from flowers, herbs, leaves and the bark of certain trees have therapeutic essences, that provide healing at both psychological and physical levels if administered safely and correctly.

Each aromatherapy aromatic oil has a specific effect on our senses. And because of their varied effects on mind and body, different aromas or oils can be mixed together to give a special scent for a special purpose. However, these oils react with plastic and hence, should always be mixed only in glass, porcelain or aluminum bottles. Also, these oils need to be diluted before use, as they are very concentrated and can cause irritation to the skin if used directly. About ten drops of essential oil are sufficient with one ounce of carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond for massage. Alternatively, you can also use 2-3 drops of the oil directly on a handkerchief for inhalation while on the move.

The production of these plant derivatives involves a delicate and complex procedure. It takes 2000 kilograms of rose petals to produce one liter of the corresponding essential oil. Besides, the purity of these essential oils also plays a crucial role in determining their effect on our systems. And the purity depends to a considerable extent on the manner of cultivation of these plants. The use of pesticides, herbicides, and any other unnatural treatment can make them non-organic, and they can then cause more harm than good. However, 100% pure organic aromatherapy aromatic oil is simply incomparable when it comes to healing.

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